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Check out this high-resolution iMac mockup PSD template! You can use it to create a photorealistic presentation and showcase your beautiful designs. The PSD template lets you add your design via the smart object, change the color of the background, remove the reflection and the shadows. .zip file contains 7 iMac mockup PSD templates: 3 front view mockups, 3 back view mockups and 1 top view mockup. Download Apple keyboard & mouse mockup PSD template to complete this set.

iMac mockup PSD front view
iMac mockup PSD front axo view 2
iMac mockup PSD front axo view 1
iMac mockup PSD back axo view 2
iMac mockup PSD back axo view 1
iMac mockup PSD back view
iMac mockup PSD top view


Multiple Angles: Yes

Format: PSD

Smart Object: Yes

Dimensions: 7200×7200 px

Size: 258 Mb

how to edit smart objects

When you edit a Smart Object, the source content is opened in either Photoshop or the application that handles the placed format by default. When you save changes to the source content, the edits appear in all linked instances of the Smart Object in the Photoshop document.

  • Select the Smart Object from the Layers panel, and do one of the following:

    • Choose Layer > Smart Objects > Edit Contents.
    • Double-click the Smart Objects thumbnail in the Layers panel.
    • In the Properties panel, click Edit Contents.
  • Click OK to close the dialog box.
  • Make edits to the source content file, then choose File > Save.

    Photoshop updates the Smart Object to reflect the changes you made. Read more about Smart Objects here…

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